A Peek at Real-World Performance in Clinical Trials

If you outsource clinical trials, you have no doubt noticed that all CROs claim to increase efficiency and reduce timelines, cost and risk. Since everybody has solved these problems, it’s something of a mystery how clinical research continues to experience so many delays, such high costs and so many failed programs.

Opportunities for third-party validation of competing CRO claims are few. Sponsors can only go so far in trying to implement their own direct comparisons. You could give the same study to two different CROs. Provided you gave them the freedom to recommend the most efficient way to do the study and use their most powerful tools, you would get a good comparison of real-world performance. Unfortunately for sponsors, there is simply no way to make direct comparisons among even a fraction of the CROs in a crowded marketplace.

However, there is a unique award that provides a peak at real-world performance.  The publication behind the award is CIO Magazine, a highly respected IT publication. CIO names the companies responsible for the winning projects to its CIO 100.

This is how Maryfran Johnson, Editor in Chief of CIO magazine & events, described the awards program when announcing the 2013 winners:

For 26 years now, the CIO 100 awards have honored the innovative use of technology to deliver genuine business value. Our 2013 winners are an outstanding example of the transformative power of IT to drive everything from revenue growth to competitive advantage.

There were 42 independent IT experts involved in CIO’s awards process this year in addition to a vote of the magazine’s editors. We are honored that the editors have voted Health Decisions to the 2013 CIO 100 based on our adaptive monitoring technology.

This technology delivers genuine business value by simultaneously increasing data quality and reducing the effort and cost involved in verifying trial data.  We consider the technology transformative. We also consider the CIO 100 Award independent confirmation of what we’ve been saying about the benefits that Health Decisions’ adaptive monitoring technology provides sponsors.

The CIO 100 Award is not an industry-wide comparison. It doesn’t change the fact that each sponsor is the only judge of what constitutes the best approach for its studies. However, the award may suggest that it would be worthwhile to check into the way Health Decisions performs monitoring and runs trials. Then you can draw your own conclusions.

You can read more about Health Decisions 2013 CIO 100 Award now in press releases from Health Decisions and from CIO and in a white paper on adaptive monitoring.

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