Welcome to Trials Without Tribulations

Greetings!  As the CEO of Health Decisions, a CRO based in Durham, NC, I’m on the front lines of clinical research day in and day out. I’d like to welcome you to my new blog, Trials Without Tribulations.  

TWT will express my viewpoint on the challenges facing our industry and the coming era of exponential change.  You can expect to find things like explorations of techniques in study design and operations and commentary on industry news and regulatory guidances.  I’ll ask provocative questions, such as:  Why can’t clinical development be continuous?  What can we do to reduce the number of costly late-stage failures?  How can we make clinical development of personalized medicine affordable?  I hope you’ll join me in coming up with solutions to these difficult but surmountable challenges. I encourage readers to comment on anything and everything to help make TWT a productive and meaningful forum. 

I am convinced of this: If the product works, the trial should succeed—without wasting a single day or dollar. Right now, we are falling far short of that goal. I believe we can do much better. By examining pharma’s uncertainties and embracing change, together we can find the way to move forward with greater efficiency.  I invite you to become active readers and look forward to a lively discourse on issues in clinical development.  Welcome to Trials Without Tribulations!  Come back often.

Michael Rosenberg, MD, MPH

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