How to Enroll a Study a Year Early

If you’ve been reading Trials Without Tribulations for a while you may be familiar with my posts about how we can enroll studies faster. Enrollment is a major timeline driver for clinical trials and is all too often responsible for preventing promising candidates from reaching market. It is sad that so many studies fail to reach enrollment targets and place programs in jeopardy because continuing to enroll with the same inefficient methods would be cost-prohibitive. Poor planning can play a role but in my view poor execution is the culprit 9 times out of 10.

Today I am pleased to announce that Health Decisions enrolled a 3,400-subject study a year early! It can be done.

To learn more about how we achieved this success read our press release. Also, I’ve provided links below to the enrollment related posts that I mentioned above.

Enrollment as a Learning Problem

Is Poor Enrollment a Fact of Life or Can You Do Something about It?


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