Congenix Joins Agile Clinical Network

Pharmaceutical Business Review
Pharmaceutical-Business-ReviewMarch 3, 2010 - In a drive to cut timelines and increase transparency for multinational trials, Congenix, a UK-registered CRO with expertise in conducting clinical trials in Russia and Eastern Europe, has joined Health decisions’ Agile Clinical Network, a community of research partners formed to eliminate the information gaps and prolonged timelines inherent to complex global studies.

Congenix completed an in-depth training program that covers every aspect of Agile Clinical Development, focusing especially on adaptive operations and infrastructure. The training is mandatory for all network members, and ensures that all CROs operating in the Network adhere to the same stringent standards and guidelines.

According to Dr Vladimir Novakovskiy, Eastern Europe and Russia offer sponsors high recruitment rates, a selection of high-quality investigational sites, and lower cost per patient compared to Western Europe and the US. Other benefits include Russia’s highly centralized healthcare system and a large percentage of treatment-naive patients.

Vladimir Novakovskiy, managing director of clinical operations and regulatory affairs at Congenix, said: “Conducting global, multi-center trials with a network of regionally focused CROs offers many advantages over a single large CRO with international offices. We look forward to bringing our extensive knowledge of Eastern Europe and Russia to the Agile Clinical Network to better assist sponsors with assessing investigators, cooperating with the local regulatory bodies, and recruiting study subjects.”

Rick Farris, COO of Health Decisions, said: “We welcome Congenix to the Agile Clinical Network and look forward to our working together on global trials that will maximize efficiency and transparency. Congenix will be a great asset to our Network as we expand its mission to deliver accurate trial results on an accelerated timeline, regardless of where a study is run.”

For more information about Health Decisions’ Agile Clinical Network, read the press release.

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