HD Launches HD360 for Faster, More Agile Drug Development

Adaptive CRO’s latest clinical trial management system rolls out to investigator sites

imgHealth Decisions has launched the first module of HD360˚, the latest edition of its Web-based trial management platform. HD360˚ is designed to provide a full, seamless view of clinical programs, enabling more efficient operations and better strategic decision-making for every trial management function.

HD360˚ Investigator View is the first of three integrated modules to be released over the next year, and was introduced to enrolling sites across four Health Decisions-run studies. The next module—Monitor View—is scheduled for release mid-September. HD360˚ Sponsor View will be released in 2010, and will feature enhanced reporting and analysis tools for sponsors.

About HD360˚ Investigator View:

  • Enables investigator sites to complete tasks more easily and efficiently
  • Tracks a framework of site performance metrics in real time for more flexible, effective overall site management
  • Reduces the time and effort required to enroll and track patients, enter data, and manage queries
  • Instantly downloads, cleans and analyzes trial data
  • Makes information available to site personnel based on their study role
  • Ensures that information reaches the trial’s decision-makers as quickly as possible

About HD360˚ Monitor View:

  • Monitors get superior visibility and functionality, and are able to work more efficiently and think critically about opportunities for improvement
  • Can be used either by Health Decisions’ or sponsors’ monitors
  • Easy to manage sites, prioritize work, identify critical factors, and effectively plan the best courses of action

A natural extension of Agile Clinical Development—the company’s trial management methodology based on continuously adapting both trial design and operations—the integrated new system is a product of 20 years experience developing processes and technology to support efficiency in clinical research.

For more information, contact Courtney Cleaves, Marketing Manager at ccleaves@healthdec.com.

“Our whole approach to clinical research rests on a framework of integrated feedback loops, which means everyone working on a study is observing data and performance trends on a constant basis and using that information to continuously refine the trial. The HD360˚ system is designed to make these loops even more effective. It is a flexible yet strong technology base for seamless communication between a trial’s data and its decision-makers, letting us see every opportunity to eliminate waste and make our sponsors’ programs run faster and more smoothly.”

Rick Farris

“A study can progress only as quickly as its investigator sites can enroll patients and collect accurate data. This sets the baseline of efficiency that drives all other aspects of the study, so releasing Investigator View as the first HD360˚ module makes perfect sense. The module ensures that sites are performing at their best, letting them maximize productivity with as little tedium as possible.”

Maurice Hagar
Head of IT

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