Health Decisions Asks “Are You Agile?” at DIA Annual Meeting, Booth 1447

CRO polls attendees on the performance gap between typical trials and the company’s Agile Clinical Development programs using its SmartPen advanced EDC system for real-time data capture and reporting
Durham, NC: June 3, 2009

Advanced EDC toolHealth Decisions ( will highlight its Agile Clinical Development system at the DIA 45th Annual Meeting (Booth 1447). Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to experience key elements of the system—including advanced data collection tools and real-time reporting—while simultaneously providing valuable insight into the current state of clinical research.

Agile Clinical Development Features:
Capable of accelerating endpoints by 10 – 40 percent
Applies mid-program adaptations not only to a study’s design, but to its operations as well
Continuously fine-tuning the day-to-day activities that impact timelines and budgets

The “Are You Agile?” Campaign: Industry Survey and Technology Demo
Health Decisions will invite industry professionals to respond to the question, “Are You Agile?” by filling out a real CRF survey using the company’s SmartPen—an advanced electronic data collection tool designed to eliminate costly bottlenecks by maximizing ease, speed, and accuracy.
Real-time data from the questionnaires will be instantly stored, cleaned, and analyzed by HD360Ë�, the company’s integrated next-generation trial management software platform.
Compiled results will appear in real time on an easy-to-understand ‘widget’ displayed at the booth, similar to the study data trends that Health Decisions’ sponsors are able to track from their desktops.
For more information, contact Courtney Cleaves, Marketing Manager at

Michael Rosenberg“We want to open the industry’s eyes to the level of transparency, control, and efficiency that Agile Clinical Development affords, but that many drug developers don’t realize exists. The key to our results is the ability to make informed adaptations based on meaningful, current data trends. Our ‘Are You Agile’ exhibit at DIA will demonstrate part of the system that makes this possible—a flexible yet strong network of technology and processes capable of supporting constant, seamless communication between a trial’s data and its decision-makers.”

Michael Rosenberg
President and CEO

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