Solving the Challenges of Adaptive Clinical Trials: Web Seminar Will Reveal Universal, Risk-Resistant Methods for Improving Study Efficiency

HD and CBI Research, Inc. present strategic, responsible adaptive research practices for trials of all types, October 28, 11:00 am to noon EDT

imgHD is joining The Center for Business Intelligence to preset Solving the the Challenges of Adaptive Clinical Trials: The keys to improving efficiency for every study. Part of CBI’s interactive web seminar series, the event will present solutions to the major obstacles barring most clinical programs from the full benefits of adaptive research methods.

Dr. Michael Rosenberg, whose 20 years experience developing innovation in clinical trials will provide the basis for the solutions discussed, will be joined by Anthony Cunningham, Health Decisions Manager of Clinical Affairs, who will address the implementation of these solutions on a practical level.

Michael Rosenberg“Every clinical trial can take advantage of adaptive methods. All drug developers can achieve timelines shortened by as much 40 percent by gaining a full understanding of adaptive techniques and how to strategically and responsibly employ them.”

Michael Rosenberg
Founder, President and CEO
Health Decisions

Webinar Abstract and Overview:

Adaptive methods are becoming an increasingly hot topic as clinical research evolves toward a more continuous, efficient path from safety testing through regulatory approval. But without air-tight planning, meticulous management, and a solid understanding of when, how, and under what circumstances to adapt, these techniques can pose more of a risk than a solution — either by damaging data integrity, putting patients at risk, or severely jeopardizing trial timelines and budgets.

There are several ways to successfully adapt clinical trials of all types — regardless of size, complexity, or therapeutic area. This session will discuss best practices for implementing the right kinds of adaptations strategically and responsibly, resulting in faster, more efficient trials and a sharper competitive edge.

Key Learning Points:

  • Identify adaptive design strategies, the rules for executing them successfully, and how to determine when they’re appropriate
  • Discover the impact of applying adaptive methodology to trial operations
  • Plan the best mix of operational and statistical adaptive strategies for your trials’ specific needs
  • Learn the key components necessary for success from both a theoretical and practical point of view
  • Engage adaptive methods to improve the most common sources of inefficiency in clinical trials: enrollment, query management, monitoring and database lock
  • Learn what to require in a trial management platform and data capture tools

To register, visit CBI Research, Inc. online.

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