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Fighting the Efficiency War on Two Fronts

We welcome the news that FDA drug and biologic approvals soared to 39 in 2012. That’s the best year for approvals of new therapeutic agents since 1996, justifying all the champagne we drank on New Year’s Eve. Consistent with opinion at the recent Forbes healthcare summit, the increase in FDA approvals suggests the industry is… Read more »

The Rhetoric of “Risk Sharing”

Derek Lowe’s observation about AstraZeneca’s bracing for change also applies to the pharma industry as a whole: “…things can’t go on the way that they have been.” AstraZeneca is not alone in failing to get enough new drugs approved to sustain their business model, but they’ve made themselves the poster child for that dilemma. Somehow… Read more »

Improving Pharma Productivity One Step at a Time

I had a rare and refreshing experience yesterday afternoon. In meeting with a startup team from a big pharma company, the subject of source data verification came up. We like to use a digital pen CRF as source data, obviating the need for source data verification, one of the most inefficient steps in the research… Read more »