Agile Global Alliance

Through the Agile Global Alliance, Health Decisions provides sponsors with Global Agility – high quality and high efficiency in clinical trials conducted in the regions identified as most advantageous for each study, free of overhead from regions not participating. By partnering with Health Decisions, you can ensure that your global trial benefits from:

  • Global reach in 75 countries, served by more than 50 offices and 1,500 staff
  • Centrally managed, global operational teams
  • Local expertise, high quality and personal attention for each sponsor and study
  • The freedom to pick only those countries that are most capable of providing sites and subjects for your study
  • Study-wide transparency and pinpoint control through LiveData provided by the next-generation LiveTrial Global Clinical Trial Management System
Optimal site selection and staff expertise for each study — right countries, right therapeutically aligned staff, right approach.

Central Management from US + Regional Expertise

The Health Decisions Agile Global Alliance is comprised of premium global partners united by central management and technology from Health Decisions’ headquarters in North Carolina and closely vetted for compliance with stringent qualifications and values. The Agile Global Alliance combines high-level data-driven management from the U.S. with regional experience, expertise and leadership provided by proven partner CROs in each country or region, consistently producing outstanding results for biopharma and medical device companies.

How the Agile Global Alliance Works

All partners in the Agile Global Alliance are certified in Health Decisions’ LiveTrial Global Clinical Trial Management System, a proprietary platform that provides full transparency on field operations worldwide through LiveData and comprehensive analytics. Health Decisions created the Agile Global Alliance to optimize and maximize the efficiency of global trials, providing a more efficient alternative to the standard approach that burdens global studies with overhead from offices in countries that play no part in a specific study. For each study, Health Decisions’ global studies involve resources only in countries that will provide the most favorable recruitment profile, standard of care and investigational sites.