Insight and Expertise

Every Health Decisions study benefits from the strategic insight and expertise of Health Decisions’ senior professionals and the operational insight and expertise of Health Decisions’ clinical staff. The combination provides understanding and recognition of opportunities to improve trial management and execution at all levels. For example, if a single exclusion criterion is hampering enrollment, Health Decisions’ senior professionals could advise on whether the best response is to seek a protocol amendment, provide site incentives or activate a second tier of sites in a different geographic region. Similarly, Health Decisions trains its study teams to identify best practices at the highest-performing sites quickly and ensure that all sites adopt practices that contribute the most to meeting the sponsor’s goals for data quality and efficiency.

Agile Approach to Adaptive Research Cover

Health Decisions Founder Michael Rosenberg’s book on improving the efficiency of clinical development, published by John Wiley & Sons, provides a comprehensive analysis of productivity issues in clinical development and proposes practical solutions. Dr. Rosenberg’s book has been included in the Journal for Clinical Studies Library and The First Clinical Research Bookshelf. The Journal for Clinical Studies praised Dr. Rosenberg’s book as “ideal for senior executives who want a strategic view of adaptive methods, managers looking for practical opportunities to significantly improve the efficiency of their operations, and statisticians interested in learning the broader ramifications of their arcane expertise.”

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