Why Diagnostics Development Is Different

All clinical trials share core requirements such as the need to exclude bias and provide evidence of effectiveness. However, diagnostics trials differ from drug trials in many important ways. As a result, diagnostics development requires substantial differences in planning, trial design and trial execution. It will come as no surprise to diagnostics professionals that diagnostics [...]

Why Diagnostics Development Is Different2020-10-06T03:45:55-05:00

Rising to the Challenges of Precision Medicine: Onward!

As we enter 2015, Health Decisions' mission – continuous innovation to reduce risk and time to market, fail unsuccessful products faster, enable cost-effective development of precision medicines and provide earlier and more affordable access to novel therapeutics and medical devices – is more important than ever. The biopharma and medical-device industries face numerous challenges. Foremost [...]

Rising to the Challenges of Precision Medicine: Onward!2020-10-13T15:58:55-05:00
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