Driving Advancements in Infertility Research

President and Founder of DSP Clinical Research discusses challenges in infertility research and where the industry is headed Until about 15 years ago, research in infertility had been largely stagnate. Standard of care was accepted, and minimal effort was being made to further advance treatment or add new options to the market. As more and [...]

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Teaming up with sites during trial design

National Women’s Health Week Part 3 With hands-on experience, site staff can provide valuable insights for proactively addressing challenges in clinical trials By: Dr. Andrea S. Lukes, MHSc, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer, Health Decisions According to the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (Tufts CSDD), nearly half of all clinical studies require substantial—and [...]

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Designing trials for patients

National Women’s Health Week Part 2 To deliver more meaningful clinical trial results, we need to take the time to gather patient insights By: Elizabeth Yarber, Senior Clinical Project Manager, and Kristen Snipes, Director of Clinical Operations, Health Decisions Clinical development is about finding new healthcare solutions that improve lives. This starts with identifying what [...]

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Hearing patients loud and clear

National Women’s Health Week Part 1 As the FDA reinforces the use of the patient voice in the clinical development process, we need to listen to the women sharing their experiences By: John R. Nocero, Senior QA Auditor, Health Decisions In honoring National Women’s Health Week, it’s important to acknowledge the female volunteers in clinical [...]

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