Health Decisions Attends Key Meeting on Women’s Sexual Health 2017-10-03T21:37:45-05:00

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Health Decisions Attends Key Meeting on Women’s Sexual Health

Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health Addresses Female Sexual Health Across the Lifespan

Durham, North Carolina. Health Decisions, Inc., the full-service clinical research organization of choice for forward-looking biopharma, diagnostics, precision medicine and medical device companies and a leader in women’s health studies, today announced its participation in the 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health in Atlanta, GA, February 23-26. The theme of the meeting is “The Embodied Mind,” reflecting the importance of the mind-body relationship in women’s sexual health.

“The Health Decisions team looks forward to discussions with global thought leaders in female sexual health research, including Key Opinion Leaders who serve as Principal Investigators in our clinical trials and are speakers at the meeting,” said Patrick Phillips, D.Phil., Health Decisions CEO. “Sexual Health is an important but challenging and sometimes underserved aspect of women’s health. Participation in this meeting will enable us to refine our processes for timely, efficient execution of clinical trials of products addressing unmet medical needs in this important aspect of women’s lives.”

Meeting attendees include gynecologists, family physicians, scientists, sex therapists, clinical psychologists, patient advocates, physical therapists, family physicians, nurse practitioners and clinical researchers. They will participate in sessions on topics including identification of sexual health problems, hormonal and nonhormonal therapeutics for indications ranging from sexual dysfunction to depression, neural networks underlying variants of female sexual dysfunction, approaches to management of chronic pain, therapies for pelvic floor disorders and the effectiveness of novel technologies to address women’s urogenital health and sexual function.

Sponsors and other colleagues in the women’s health community are invited to schedule a discussion with a member of the Health Decisions team during or following the ISSWSH annual meeting to discuss clinical development issues and opportunities for collaboration.

About Health Decisions

Health Decisions is specialty CRO dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes for all women globally. Health Decisions uses data-driven insight and agility to deliver clinical development success, reduce timelines and risk and increase quality and returns for biopharma, diagnostics and medical device companies worldwide. For more than 25 years and in more than 300 clinical trials involving tens of thousands of patients in many therapeutic areas, Health Decisions has improved the efficiency of clinical development through innovative methodology, processes and technology enabling developers of new therapeutics and diagnostics to bring new products to market faster and at lower cost, thus providing the public with earlier access to improved treatments and diagnostics at more affordable prices. Health Decisions is headquartered in Durham, NC and operates on five continents.

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