Project Description

A Women-centric Approach to Clinical Trials

Innovation in women’s health is at an all-time high. Additionally, women are demanding more when it comes to their healthcare. Optimizing clinical development plans means empowering women to be a part of the process while ensuring a trial is powered to deliver the data necessary to meet regulatory guidelines. View this webinar to hear expert panelists discuss:

  • The role of trust in women’s health research
  • Tips for ensuring trials are patient-centric
  • Embracing decentralized research methods to enhance data quality
  • The evolving definition of women’s health, beyond traditional women-only indications


  • Mary Gunn, PhD, LLM, MBA, Chief Operating Officer, Health Decisions
  • Andrea S. Lukes, MD, MHSc, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer, Health Decisions
  • Sabrina Martucci Johnson, President and CEO, Daré Bioscience
  • Elizabeth Garner, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, ObsEva
  • Elizabeth Jeffords, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, Alkahest

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