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Health Decisions clinical development experts closely follow trends in development of products to address health conditions that affect women exclusively or disproportionately. In addition, Health Decisions offers related commentary and informational resources. As a convenience for site visitors, we created this linked index to all types of women’s health content found on or accessible through this website. This includes fact sheets, case studies, webinars, white papers, news items, press releases, blog posts and therapeutically or functionally focused webpage subsections. For additional information about clinical development of women’s health products or assistance with your development program, please contact us.

Women’s Health Resources

Health Decisions and OncoBay Clinical Partner to Provide Specialized Clinical Development Services in Women’s OncologyHealth Decisions’ Expert Panel at Women’s Health Innovation SummitDaré Bioscience and Health Decisions Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate the Development of Daré’s Novel Pipeline of Women’s Health ProgramsDSP Clinical Research and Health Decisions: Partners Accelerating Research in Reproductive MedicineHealth Decisions Receives 4th Consecutive Appointment as Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center for the Contraceptive Clinical Trials Network of the NICHDHealth Decisions and DSP Clinical Research Form Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Reproductive ResearchA Framework for Successful Pain Measurement in Clinical TrialsConsiderations for Studies in Infectious Diseases of the Genitourinary SystemCapabilities for Clinical Studies in EndometriosisCapabilities for Clinical Studies in Female Sexual DysfunctionCapabilities for Clinical Studies in OsteoporosisCapabilities for Clinical Studies in ContraceptionCase Study: Phase 3 Trial in Women’s Sexual HealthCapabilities for Clinical Studies in the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)Webinar: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding – Medical Background and PI and Patient Perspectives on Clinical TrialsWebinar: Critical Success Factors in Reproductive Health Studies – Practical Tips for Minimizing Timelines, Risk and CostsHealth Decisions Celebrates National Women’s Health Week with Diverse ProgramWebinar Offers PI and Patient Perspectives on HMB Clinical TrialsCRO Health Decisions Sponsors 5K Run/Walk for Women at ACOG 2018 Annual MeetingCapabilities in Women’s Health StudiesAddressing the New Imperative to Include Females in Clinical TrialsWhat Is Women’s Health

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